ooh, cooking…


oil is the must have ingredient and pan is the must have utensil if you want to fry something, that’re for sure…..for frying potato chips, you need quite lots of oil and a proper depth pan to make sure that all the chips are bathing in the boiling oil……………for frying vegetables, firstly fry onion, garlic, and chilli until their color change > add salt and a little sugar > then pour a little water > put the carrot andd wait until the carrot is no more hard > then the pak coy and cabbage >> don’t fry too long


in architecture design, kitchen is one of the 3 most difficult things to design (the others are bathroom-toilet and stairs) because they deal with people activity very in detail and a slight mistake may bring a tremendous disaster for all the people occupy the building or the design of building itself…so, architect usually design a house from its kitchen and bathroom-toilet(wet cell) first

this kitchen is quite nice, it’s a big kitchen i can say…but the most important thing is the position of the fridge/food storage-sink-cooking table-the electric stove are in the proper sequence and distance, though because its wide space everything’s not really in reachable distance, so walking effort is almost always needed, especially to go to the fridge and the garbage bin and back to cooking area


tonight’s dinner menu: potato chips, frozen crumble fish (ready to fry), and vegetables…………..ohh, i miss my mom’s cooking


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