outta home


to make bakwan, you need: garlic, black pepper, salt, corriander, carrot, cabbage, you can add corn, and plain flour, water………of course, to fry it you need oil and frying pan……….chop the garlic or you can use the garlic powder, then put it into the flour along with the salt and pepper, add some water…then put all the veggie into the flour, mix them and fry them…that’s it

i was thinking that PROBABLY i can sell this kind of snack for fund rising for Afghanistan which is our peace action here for this semester’s Peace Scholarship Program


there are lots of ways to make the world peace become reality……….through friendship is one of the ways…….like today, when playing freesbie (please tell me how to write it) with socheata, vincent, keith, and some new friends from malaysia, singapore, and australia,,,i thought how wonderful it was a bunch of people from different nationalities, speak different languages, hold different religion or even none, different appearance…to be together, play a sport (team work, laugh, spirit, support)………and that’s also what a general feeling i have here to be friends with many kind of people, without making religion or skin color or nationalities to be a very big issue,,just as long as that person is nice and kind, we can be friends,,,and when i say friends, we don’t only say “hi” to each other but we also hang out, eat together, share something, share laughs, help each other……isn’t it a wonderful world with wonderful people?……..however, yeah, teher’re still some nasty people are out there, they always are, but it’s their shame to be nasty, isn’t it? because life is always a choice and it’s too bad if someone choose to be a nasty people

and i have this movie to reccomend: “ARRANGED”

it’s about a friendship between two young women, one is a moslem, and another is a jew orthodox. i think this is a nice movie with good massages.


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