3rd day of ramadhan, 3rd day of spring


it’s the holy month for all moslems around the world…during this month, moslems do fasting: not merely do not eat and drink during the day (from dawn till dusk), but also hold the emotions, negative desires…moslems believe that there is one holy night in which every good karma we do or every prayers we do within that night is equal to doing those things in a 1000 month periode of time,we believe that during that night all of angels are sent down to earth and all of God’s creatures in this world do nothing but praising Him, but which night among the last 10 nights of ramadhan? it remains a God’s secret…we also believe that within this month our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahualaiwasallam at one holy night, the 17th day of ramadhan, around 1400 years or so ago received the first message from heaven in Hira Cave, the first word of the Holy Koran he received through the arch angel Gabriel was”Iqra!” means “Read (it)!”…despite all of the religious rituals during this month, the most longing thing about ramadhan is it holds everyone together: a family will have their quality times on breakfast, dinner, tarawih prayer, and also sahur (early breakfast in the morning,before the dawn)…it holds friends, work partners, students-teachers to have a gathering with breakfasting together and the most wonderful thing is the gathering is not only open for moslem people,but also for those non moslem…at least that what happens in indonesia…


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