been raining the whole day! frrrreezing…


rain is always bad for mood, because it always makes a heart so mellow…it’s worsen by the fact that nobody’s at home but myself


hhh, i’ve been missing so many things this year, but everything’s for my own greater good…and this ramadhan, i miss the sound of adzan from mosques, i miss the sound of the kids chattering on their way to the mosque, i miss doing the tarawih prayer with my mom or both mom and dad, i miss the smell of nice foods my mom cooks for the break-fast, i miss my mom’s or dad’s voices waking me up for sahur, i miss the sound of people reading Holy Koran, i miss having the break-fast with my old friends, i’m gonna miss the excitement of buying new clothes for ied day, i’m gonna miss the busyness in my home baking cake, cooking traditional food, i’m gonna miss ketupat, i’m gonna miss my family during the ied day…but above all, i know that someday, i’m gonna miss today…the moment, the place, and the situation i am currently at…

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