“the weather is like crap”


uni of newcastle has this bar, the only area where alcohol is allowed: bar on the hill, the location is on hunter side…but today there something different with that bar…it’s the end of cultural awakening week, so there’re foods stalls from many nations…and the most interesting is during the begining of the evening, it’s crowded by arabs, malays, asians…moslems…because there was a ramadhan break-fast, but non moslems were also there, well it’s just eat and for free…so sure there’re many people coming,,,i went there with my housemate milena, she’s a very nice chinese girl…too bad i missed indonesian food, but i tried singaporean nasi kuning, cakes…malaysian kari, kue bakar (like talam in indonesia), cendol (a bit different from indonesian cendol), and some chicken/egg rolled in a yellow flour which reminded me of semar mendem…qatari food, i dont know what was it exactly, something like macaroni and a nice crispy cake…best food went to the roll and kue bakar……..while we were eating inside the bar, the arabian music acompany us, and a moment later some arabian boys climbed into the stage and just started to dance then some malay boys danced along,,,above all, i think the moment was beautiful, we were all there, different kind of people: moslem girls with veils and cadar, arab (saudi,yaman,qatar) boys wore their long white dress and the head cover (white and red checked plus the ring to hold it into the head), white people have very conversations with their moslem friends, chinese people from different nations (chinese, singaporean, malay), some african, bahama…at one area people ate, another area people served foos, another area people danced and attract others’ attention, another area people played bilyard, another area people drank alcohol…beautiful world isn’t it?


when i looked up to the ceiling inside bar on the hill, i saw my national flag in one of them


if there’s one thing to complain today, it’s absolutely the weather…it’s been raining for 3 days non stop! milena and i went back home wet…


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