a little piece of home


sweet potato, boiled and smoothen then add tapioca flour with 1:1 ratio with the sweet potato, add a little salt, mix them and make balls, then put them into a boiled water,,after all of them are floating, dry them…meanwhile, put a piece of brown coconut sugar into a boiled water (about 2 glass)…then put the sweet potato balls and banana cuts into the sweet water…just around 5minutes pour about 100ml coconut milk…………….oh dear, it’s my very 1st time making my own kolak


it’s indonesian salad with nut sauce: cabbage, bean, pokchoy, bean shoots, and ready served pecel sauce


clean about 3 potatoes, cut them then fry…dry them then smoothen them, pour salt, black pepper,chopped garlic add tuna and yolk…mix them…make a shape…put them into the rest of the egg then fry


just need to add hot rice and crackers,,feels like home!

4 thoughts on “a little piece of home

  1. halo… salam kenal.
    lagi kul di Oz ya? kebetulan saya ada rencana kul di sana tahn depan. btw, you live in new castle, new castle is in Sydney right?

  2. hai lisa…
    newcastle kota yg berbeda dgn sydney
    masih 3jam perjalanan ke arah utara syd dgn kereta ato bus
    it’s a very lovely city though smaller than sydney ato jakarta, tp university of newcastle kampus utamanya gak di city, tp di suburb.nya… kami menyebutnya callaghan campus meski ada juga kampus yg dikota tp itu utk MBA aja…
    rencananya mau kuliah di mana?

  3. i’m a bit tepar gib today abis submit lembar presentasi n maket…you know lah gmn rasanya…n how are u doing gib? masih berkiprah di kampus ato udah selese “rehat”nya?
    iya gw udah liat poto2 psb dr facebook

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