burying myself in the ASSignments!


bales are rectangular compressed blocks of straw, bound by string or wire…some people think bales are only bunches of dry grasses, straws…something for animal foods (??) or just bales, that’s it…but i think nothing just “that’s it” in this world, there must be something greater than the surface appearance


did you know that bales can be used for construction material? it’s popular as straw bale construction and guess what? this type of construction is actually hundreds of years old…and surely in this “global-warming-alert-era”, this kind of material is natural friendly, though i’m not talking about sustainability…there’re two kinds of straw bale consstruction types: load-bearing or Nebraska Style (because “firstly” developed by some European settlers in Nebraska in the late 19th century) and post-and-beam which the straws are not structural, just filling the timber or steel frame….just go Googling if you wanna know more


no, i dont dance…for some reasons…but i like watching dance performance and straightly fell in love with the movie STEP UP (oohh that Channing Tatum looks like Wentworth Miller doesnt he?? but he dances so damn well) and also the sequel STEP UP TO THE STREET….they’re good entertainments for my breaks



during my hectic days, my playlist is the very best friends,,,some songs have been my favourite ever, some others i just start to like them very much…in my play list, you’ll find songs from: goo goo dolls (irish…is always my very favorite), maroon 5 (their latest album is the best, i think), kelly clarckson (love her songs! breakaway is just like a national antheme for me), matchbox 20 (good to hear), john mayer (like “daughters” the best), backstreet boys (my very first love), daughtry (o yeah, quite good), padi (they’re back!), andra and the backbone (not “sempurna” but “lagi dan lagi”), bon jovi (new album is okay), gavin degraw ( “i dont wanna be”), coldpaly (“viva la vida” is good, thanks to calosa), linkin park (new songs are quite good and hearable), dawson’s creek’s -season 2- soundtrack (love almost all of the songs in the album), spice girls (soo nostalgia), boyzone (o dear i still love them), jewel (“foolish games” “hands” and “intuition”), the cranberries (“just my imagination”), david cook (newbie with good songs), colbie caillat (at first…who is she/he?? but that “the little things” and “bubly” were straightly get my attention),,,some others are mix from english-language-songs to chinese, korean, and japanese songs, and of course indonesian song…one religious song i like the most sung by Yusuf or Cat Steven: “God is the Light”


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