a little unwell


cutting your own fingers is a very common accident that happens during making 3D model…another common accident is you stupidly drop your own nearly-finished 3D model that results it has to remake, or other in-so-tired-condition-people unfortunately come across and drop your finally-finish-3D model that results a very very depressive situation because so much emotion to be blown up: anger, sadness, tiring, mocking…another accident is when you finally display your 3D model, admiring your own hard work for the last depressing coupleof days but then you realize that there so many errors with the scale factor and directions and other things…please Dear God, do not ever let these terrible misfortunates happen to me…(though i cut my own finger already)


the studio here is more habitable, aside from having standard furnitures for studio like chairs, tables for students, partition, drawing tables, lockers, in 2nd floor they provide about 10 macs, a plotter machine, microwave, fridge, sink,coffe machine (if i’m not mistaken)…downstair they have lecture rooms, discussion table, photocopy machine, reference room (like a little library), toilets, exhibiton hall……and i can see sofa bed, some students have their own desktops, skateboard, TV,  and it’s a very common thing seeing bread, wine bottle (i think it’s illegal in this area isn’t it?), coffee and other snacks or foods or drinks… 


while back in indonesia, i always have my A3 up prints printed in printing centers, here i’ve gotta do it on my very own…facing with that huge (A1 up) printer for the first, i really had no idea what to do…first, i put my A1 paper into the upper place, but (lately i found out that it wasn’t placed properly)  when i put down the window, the running cartridge smashed it and torn it…next try, i put the paper into the roll, it ended up with the paper was cut by the machine for about 10cm then it was printed but suddnely stopped, of course because the paper size was reduced, then i had no idea how to eject the stuck paper (panic)…i asked for help then thankfully there were these i-think-they-are-chinesemalay-students kindly helped me, the paper was ejected successfully (and actually very easily!#@!), then they show me how to put the paper into the machine properly… but i had only one more paper, so i had to run to the Ushop at Hunter building to buy some more paper then ran back to ADS (Architecture Design Studio) building 2ndfloor,,,but before i left i thought of leaving one paper to be printed,but no job printing was done…fiuhh…okay then i had those papers, succeeded to put the A1 paper into the machine, but the problem was, the machine didnt want to start printing (already very tired)…i called joanna, but then she suggested i’d better ask someone who was there…then i saw jamima and asked for her help, but she couldn’t help me, so she cried for josh, there josh came as a savior!…i could finally print one sheet,, yeeay!…but it’s not yet finish,,,when i came to the scond printing, someone came, i think he was from the 4th of 5th year student, he was queuing for the printer,,then he asked me how many pages i’m printing, how long has it been, and how big is my files,,,when he check on my file’s size, 16M! for the current print, he said i’d better reduce the file size or else it’ll take ages to wait for the printing…but fortunately, i didn’t take ages, but only around 45 minutes 


that’s the view of another side of the table


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