what a surprise! oh no…

as a human being, sometimes you become arrogant. you forget who you really are when you are in a very comfortable life. and also when you think you have everything under your control, you start to think that everything IS really under your control but actually nothing ever under our control…i don’t know if you are an atheis or too proud of yourself, but i think power is such a big hallucination for us because we never really have it…God owns everything. every single thing is under His control. only Him, nothing else. yeah i knew that.always have known that. but sometimes when we always have things under our control, everything runs just exactly like what we’ve been planning…we start to think that nothing’s going to out of the line…so when things get out of the line, things run out of our control,,unpredictable,,we become so upset..but that’s just wrong, we knew we hold nothing in our hands, we never do…we can only have plans, but the rest is in God’s will..so, do you think we still deserve to be big headed?


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