Melbourne, here i come: day 1

Travellers from Newcastle:  rizki (indonesia), socheata (cambodia), ika (singapore), vincent (singapore), kelly (malaysia)

Additional traveller meet in Melbourne: sambath (cambodia)

Took off from williamton airport at 6.20 and arrived at around 8 in tullamarine melbourne.

My 1st impression about this city was it doesn’t really have a very unique character as a city physically…i mean, at a glance it looks quite similar with jakarta…unlike sydney which is rich for old buildings in bricks even in CBD. Well, melbourne has quite many skyscrapers and we need to have a closer look to find that this city has many interesting architecture. And i think melbourne has some kind of image that the city is rich for its arts.

Before sambath arrived,ika had already left for her sister house. After socheata’s grandfather arrived, we separated with vincent. Kelly is going with us too…

We didn’t go straight to socheata’s grandparents house, but we went to buddhist temple first. It’s a cambodian pagoda. They’re having a kind of celebration for today and tomorrow. It was exciting. Well it wasn’t my first time being in buddhist temple and watch them praying, but it was my very first time joining the feast! (well, i’m not fasting now). After the prayers and the preechings, they give the rice to the monks and took out their meals they’d brought with them and eat them together. They made groups of people making circle sitting on the rattan mat and eat cambodian foods. Some foods taste familiar, another food was just fine and other i just didn’t like. Of course i only ate fish and fish and vegetables,,but i was happy. And i was full.

Then we went to an asian grocery. Actually it was kind of “pasar” style in indonesia. In one building they have many asian groceries and butchers and of course asian people! Most of them were chinese, no wonder. But what surprised me most was there were so many cambodian and vietnamese and thai. I thought that area or largely this suburb is a kind of “suburb of south east asian people + chinese”. Of course the ones who feel like home are socheata and sambath. This whole day i’m getting very familiar with cambodian language, though i keep asking socheata what’s the different among cambodian, thai, and vietnamese writings.

O my dear God! I wish i lived here rather than in newcastle because i found seafoods  here are cheaper…things are cheaper here than in sydney or newcastle. Just miss the freash seafoods very very much. And today we’re gonna fry the squid with broccoli. Also we’re gonna cook Tom Yam…mmm yummy.

Then we went to the house. It’s a very nice small brick house with very nice host family! After the little rest and havinga a nice boiled corn, we went to the near by shopping center, chadstone, if i’m not mistaken. Well it was pretty much the same as westfield or any other shopping center in newcastle’s suburbs, so i wasn’t that exciting.

And very thank God that we had a very nice foods for dinner. Though i had to be a garbage bin for the squid and broccoli.

Oooh, what a nice 1st day in melbourne…


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