Hang around Melbourne day 2

Woke up in the morning with all of my body was hurting, but after shower it felt much better and fresh. Went to the city by train. The ticket was 2.90 for the whole day trip, cheaper than on weekdays, and  socheata’s grandpa bought them for us. We got off on Flinders Station, the station was interesting…then we went to Federation square! It was only from the front though, didn’t go inside yet, but have to make it to. Then we went down stair in visitor center to get some informations, and i robbed the free postcards…ehehehhe…we spent quite long time hung in there to read the map and figured out where was the best place to go,but then we decided to go to national gallery victoria in which there was an art deco exhibition. Oh i bought that “101 things i learned from architecture school” Pak Gun showed us last semester for about $17! That’s the real price that i would not be able to get if i bought it in indonesia. Ohh i love melbourne already!

Then we had to go back to the suburbs at 1 pm for socheata’s family bbq. They have some kind of buddhist celebration today and the grandparents wanted to introduce socheata to her big family. We went to her relative’s house and there were lots of people there, the family of coourse. And while socheata’s having conversation with the family, kelly and i just having fun with free lunch! The khmer noodle which for me taste like laksa but made from fish and lighter coconut powder. Then we tried the cendol –they call it differently of course –and that sweet porridge that more less like bubur merah bubur putih but they had a some kind of palm fruit in it and coconut milk poured on it. Then we enjoyed the grapes and strawberry. Thank God we were full.

After that we went back to the city in the afternoon with the grandparents. We went to this Crown place: hotel-shopping mall, and met vincent there, on the yarra river bank. Then the grandparents separated with us and we decided to go to the crown casino! Since socheata didn’t bring her passport, she could not get in. So it was only vincent, kelly, and i who went inside. It was very exciting for me to watch all kind of gamblings. But only kelly tried the jeackpot machine and the rest of the time we just watched the game. Then we went out for drink in one of the cafes on the river bank. The view and the atmosphere was actually good but the weather was so cold. Then it was time for me to go back and vincent too. So we separated there on the river bank. 4 of us back to crown hotel to wait for the grandparents finishing their gambling. We waited in this hall lobby hotel where there was waterfall and photography exhibition. The photography title was “focus footy” that’s for celebrating 150 of australian football.

And we arrived at home at about 11…and i’’m so tired and sleepy now, it’s 1.11…and have to wake up tomorrow at around 7…  



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