Melbourne day 3: from the morning till DROP


We went to Chapel Street which was about 1-2 km stripe of a shopping street. Lots of people started their shopping activities from quite early in the morning. The shops are nice, though most of them were just the same shops we can find in other shopping centers, like Westfield, Crown, and even in other shops outside Melbourne. But yeah, the prices here are cheaper.

San Churro

While we were waiting for Socheata uploading her assignment in an internet cafe-dunno-where,  Kelly, vincent and i tried this chocolate cafe, which i think quite famous here. I tried the “Spanish Churro” which was so damn MMMMM…DELICIOUS! the chocolate was…mmmm…i got speechless

Luna Park

It’s pretty much like any other theme park, though it’s not big, i can say. But we still had fun. I tried two games, which i dunno the name. But one of them made me spinned 360 upside down about 10m high above the ground. Sambath made me did it and all along the spinning i kept yelling and yelling that i must got crazy.

Mekong Vietnamese restaurant

Vincent said there was a very famous vietnamese  restaurant that many famous people had gone to eat there like Jacky Chan and Bill Clinton. But the problem was none of us (kelly, i and him) knew the exact place of that restaurant. Then we decided to look for it in Chinatown which was about 3 blocks long area, but we found none. Until we asked someone and thankfully he knew the place, but we found out that we had to go back that 3 blocks we had passed through. However, we had dinner there, the place was so crowded. The restaurant is famous for its rice noodle, so kelly and vincent ordered the famous beef rice noodle while i ordered fish ball rice noodle. Actually the taste was good, but the problem was the portion was so damn big! You know when  something is too much it’s good no more, even for a delicious food. 

High School Friend

OH MY DEAR GOD! I met Ayu in Melbourne Central. It so bloody surprising!!! I mean, i’ve never thoguht of even seeing someone i know here in australia, but i met Ayu!! Ohh i was soooooooooo happy! She’s in her holiday here from Adelide. Yeeay! That finally i have reason to go to Adelide in summer.

Cash Box

My two friends were really exciting for KTV. At first we went to Partyworld in Melbourne central, but it was very expensive since it was just 3 of us and the charge was gonna be above $150. So we searched for another place. The two chinese vincent asked on the street told us about Kbox and cash box. Then vincent decided to go to the one in Chinatown. The place was in a little alley somewhere in the middle of the chinatown. And it was quite creepy for me. However, the two persons were happy and had fun that they had their own concert.China songs all day long! (though for a break they sang japanese and english songs also). They insisted me singing for some english songs, but oh nooo…i didnt count it as singing at all….i know that some people looked at my presence there awkwardly and even my 2 friends had asked me quite many times before that if i was okay with this karaoke idea. I was a little confuse why do they think i’d mind. I mean, it’s just singing… well, i know for some people, it has some kind of bad image for people who go to that kind of place, but duhh,’s just singing!! And was it about the religion thing? I have no idea…cause my Saudi homestay mate was also went to karaoke place. So what? I mean, only boys who can do karaoke without any bad effect to their image??!!??? OH HELLO…what’s on earth of that thing! No way!   


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