Ied Mubarak…

after the sentimental morning with family through skype, in the afternoon we went to ika’s sister’s house. the cookies and foods were the same as what we usually have in indonesia, just some have different name: lontong, rendang, sayur lemak aka sayur lodeh, bumbu sate, serundeng, tumis sotong pedas, and other foods which i cant eat (they’re meat) and i dont know the name…the cookies: kue tart nanas aka nastar, kue corn flakes (i think we also call it the same way), kue suji (this one tasted very familiar but i dont know what we call it in indonesia) 

sepending the whole afternoon until the evening there made my Iedul Fitri felt a bit like home, the whole family there, Pak Cik with sarung and soko (peci), Mak Cik’s foods were delicious, arabic art writings hung on the wall, we spoke the same language……….i thought malay language would so much different with bahasa indonesia, but i could starightly understand almost everything they were saying. i dont know if singaporean malay is a bit different from malaysian malay, but while we were in ika’s sister study room (before playing the jenga), i read some books in malay language (mostly prayer books) and one of them was Buku Tata Bahasa Melayu. then i found out that there’re only some slight differences. we stayed in ika’s sister’s study room while some family’s friends came. to kill time, we played jenga. this game had quite a tension. but then we turned to the ghost stories,,oh i couldn’t believe it that i’d hear this kind of thing in australia,,but thankfully, the stories were (happened) in singapore or indonesia, so at least i wouldn’t have to freak out at night

well, it was fun to spend Lebaran day there…a bit felt like home

and i’m also getting more familiar with malay language:

“budak indon ke?”

“rizki tu nama panjang apa nama penong?”

“pun rumah tu tiga bilik”

“Nak tea ke?”

“Mau pakai suduk?”

“bila pulang ke newcastle?”

“sekarang duduk dimana di melbourne?”

“di sana bus lebih senang ya? mau kemana-mana tak susah”

however in general, we basicly spoke the same language

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