got sick of being treated as an “alien” (??)…it’s holiday dammit!

solo travelling to Ballarat

from Southern Cross Station i need to take the Vline train, cost $20 (return), to take me to Ballarat. and the trip took about one and a half hour. quite a long trip, pretty much the same length as going from Jakarta to Bandung,,the view along the way was quite amusing, very wide farming land with sheeps, cows, horses, bulls…arriving at Ballarat around 3.40 and it was too late for me to go to Sovereign Hill, my main destination going to Ballarat. DAMN! and it was raining…but the central area of Ballarat was interesting for its old buildings. a bit reminded me of Newcastle. but Ballarat has many jewelry shops, which i think this is one of the things that Ballarat is famous for. and in comparison with newcastle, ballarat’s old buildings are mostly made of stones while newcastle’s old buildings are mostly made of bricks. and there’re also so many young people which were not very nice (in my opinion) in comparison with melbourne young people, especially the way they treat asian people…so i hung around ballarat central area and took a Vline coach at 5.15 (the ticket was the return ticket, no need to buy another ticket). just went to the art gallery and stopped by the Book store and bought a Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice printed in 1975 for $5


One thought on “got sick of being treated as an “alien” (??)…it’s holiday dammit!

  1. whaaa solo travelling!
    i told you, please enjoy the trip and learn the art of being alone!:)

    anyway, I tagged you in my posting, If you have the time, please feel free to do it. heheheheh 😛

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