in love with hobart…

since the first time i arrived in hobart, i have straightly fallen in love with this city. it is so beautiful. and one thing i envy the most people who live here is they get the most beautiful view in their lives everysingle day. the hilly land and the surrounded-by-land seafront area of hobart make all of the houses are climbing up the hills and facing the sea. so every house has their beutiful view of the blue sea, the parked yachts, the cruising ferry, the high buildings in hobart center, the houses on the other side of the sea…and at night, the hundreds of lamps from the houses from the other side of the sea make all the twinkling billions of billions stars on the bright night sky seem to continue on the land.

the local people…ooo, the local people here are sooo nice. the oldies, the youngs, teenagers and kids are very nice, it makes me wish people of newcastle were as nice as them, especially those who live in around jesmond. oh yeah those nasty people who love saying and doing nasty things to asian and moslem people. they do need to learn manners from people here.

if there´s one thing i really make a complain about is the lame weather! it´s already spring but felt like still in winter. it´s still so damn cold in hobart. in my 2nd day here, while waiting for a friend in another friend´s house, we were talking inside the house with steam came out of our mouths. crazy…and the weather is worst unpredictible incomparison to newcastle´s and melbourne´s. if in newcastle you can have all the 4 seasons in one day, here in hobart you can have all the 4 seasons in one hour. the temperature here is around 8 C to 18 C, but i think yesterday was around 20 C at noon. oh on a very nice day like yesterday, you will realize how lovely hobart is…

it´s been my 6th day in hobart. on the 5th day yesterday i went to Richmond with one of my cambodian friends, Thong. all the way from Hobart to Richmond (about 20mnts drive) was the wide land of farm that we can see cows, milking cows, sheeps, and milking cows again and sheeps again and so on (pretty much like my 3 hours–each 1.5 hours–solo journey to Ballarat, where all i saw was wide land with sheeps, cows, bulls and tractors). if there is one town i´ve ever visited was so so very small, it´s Richmond, Tassie. the whole town is in walkable distance, even for those who dont like walking…no worries, you wont be so tired. but you gotta walk anyway cause no bus, no taxi, no anykind of public transport, nothing. (though yeah, there´s a bus from hobart at certain time, but that only bring you from hobart to richmond, not within richmond). and all buildings i think are no more than 50, which most of them are holiday cottages for rent. the rest are old buildings like churches, gaol, and shops. i was quite surprise there was a primary school there with quite many students! (where are they from??).  we also went to Zoodoo, a zoo 6km from Richmond town, which was the smallest and the most quiet zoo i´ve ever visited! well, most of the possums were sleeping, couldnt even see any wombat, the koala bear was so deeply sleeping hung on the tree, and a bit lucky one of the big Tasmanian Devil laid down outside the cave before he realize our presence and ran back to his hiding…however, feeding the deers, kangaroos and wallabies were quite interesting.

if you have heard people said that you can see kangaroo, wombats and other australian animals on the street here in australia, well yes you absolutely can here in Tassie. even in Philip island, Melbourne, i could see many kangaroos (or wallabies, not really sure) jumping up among the bushes on the side of the roads.

“the dawn is breaking, i’m ready to go…” (on the plane from melbourneto hobart)

welcome to hobart, tasmania island, OZ!

Backpacker Central, $23/night

Elizabeth Mall

Franklin Square, hobart

Richmond Bridge,,,hobart-richmond 20mnts driving, tourist bus costed $25

Thong (from Cambodia) was my travelling partner to Zoodoo and Richmond town

one fine late afternoon in hobart (look at the sky…)

angie (from Mexico), a very kind hearted and nice girl…what a good friend she has been…i hijacked her bed for 6 days!


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