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red meat,,,well i almost forgot how the taste but i think both the taste and the smell are the same and very bad…it always makes me want to throw up…i can’t stand the smell at all…so it’s very obvious that i’m a non-meat eater nor i drink milk…i’ve never even touch any red meat almost my whole life, until today! yeah today i’m helping the singaporean club cooking for tomorrow’s event: the Hari Raya Idul Fitri Celebration or in Indonesia we say Halal Bihalal…slicing carrots and cabbages were very fine for me, but when it came to chicken, i steped back…then when it came to beef, i stepped farther…so i got nothing to do while Dhura and Muna were busy chopping the beef…until Dhura suddenly said, “Rizki, you replace me chopping the meat. my hands are tired.” i couldn’t say no, so i summoned all my courage to do it…i tried soo very hard not to throw up or end fainted,,,and yeahh, i did it! Oh Dear God, i never thought that chopping meat can be that hard for me

hyaaakkkk………….but i did it anyway. i passed my own training! it was a very big challenge for me


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