Idul Fitri Event


i was just in the middle of taking shower when i suddenly got the idea about doing the IDP fundraising within this Hari Raya event held by the singaporean club. then i shared this idea with elizabeth and socheata. we decided to go for it. then they said i was the one who should deliver the speech. well, they thought i was the most representative for doing this: i am a moslem. because this fundraising aims is to gain more financial support for IDP bringing more female students from Afghanistan. so…i prepared my speech from last night.

here it is, with the help of Rose for the ending:

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Greetings for everyone.

First of all, i would like to say Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1429 H, Mohon maaf lahir batin.

To begin with, i would like to say many thanks to Allah SWT for all His blessing for us to be here today. And also i would like to say thank you to INS and AGM for giving my friends and i to have this presentation.

My name is Rizki Amalia, i am from Indonesia. I am standing here on behalf of my two friends: Socheata Pors, from Cambodia, and Elizabeth Arredon Mier, from Mexico. We are here conducting this fund raising on behalf of IDP Peace Scholarship Program.

PEACE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM was initiated by IDP Education Australia with the support of the Australian Education Industry in response to the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack in United State.

The  PEACE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is commited to providing opportunities for eligible students in selected countries worldwide to study abroad in Australia. So far, in total 282 students from 13 developing countries have been awarded Peace Scholarship since July 2004.

Each year PEACE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM has carried on different mission. And this year our mission is to gain more financial support to bring more female students from Afghanistan to study in Australia.

As you may know that Afghanistan has been suffered due to the civil war and also being under the Taliban Regime for so many years. During those time, women had lost their basic human rights. Women in Afghanistan were not allowed to go to school, had no access to work and has been struggling to gain their equal rights with men.

The Taliban Regime had been overthrown in 2001, but the country still has so many things to do in pursuit of much better future. Then education has become one of the most critical sectors of life that urgently needs to be improved. Especially education for women.

Given the opportunity to study in Australia, the Afghanistan women will be able to upgrade themselves tremendously. And after that in return,they will be able to contribute to their country.

Therefore, i, on behalf of Peace Scholarship Program 2008 recipients in University of Newcastle, would like to invite you to spare some thoughts for the plight of Afghanistan women by giving a little token of appreciation (in those boxes).

At last, thank you very much for your kind attention and appreciation.

Jazzakallah khairan katsira.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb 


when the time came for me to speak, i wasn’t there and i caused elizabeth to back me up and did the opening…and i got no chance to take out my written speech from my pocket,,,so i did my best in the speech, though i didn’t remember the whole speech i’ve written but some has sticked on my mind since i read it several times…..we did gain some money, though unfortunately the people came are not as many as targeted


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