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i don’t know why i suddenly have an idea to talk about clairvoyance…well if you search on google, you can find the explanation in wikipedia or online dictionaries…shortly, it means “clear visibility” and the person who has this ability called clairvoyance, means “the one who sees clear.” it said that clairvoyance is one of the kinds of sixth sense, it means you are able to see what most people do not.when i say able, it doesn’t mean that this kind of thing is gained through education or a training or sort of that,,sometimes, it just comes out of nowhere. but actually not really come-out-of-nowhere because mostly it’s a kind of thing that you inherit from your predecessors that like it or not you’re gonna get it………………but i think it is different from premonition and precognition, well you can search for these two terms’ meaning in google……….and i think clairvoyance is not really “sixth sense” like really “sixth sense”, i think it is just something that you have more sensitive sight or vision than other people, you are visual people,,,that sometimes your vision become something like a foreseen


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