spending saturday watching movies

I watched Blood Diamond today. The movie was insipired by the real issue that happened in Africa few years ago. Also i watched The Great Debaters somewhere about last week. Then i remember The Constant Gardener, Babel, Crash, Children of Heaven. These kind of movies are good quality movies because they are not only entertaining, but also opening up our eyes and mind, telling and showing  the things that we actually need to know.

I think it is a human nature to only see and hear what we want to see and ignore what aactually we NEED to see or hear. Some people will avoid talking about poverty, wars, or any other things that actually is happening around us but they are unpleasant or if i may use Mr.Algore’s term, inconvinient truth.

I know that some unfortunate people do live in poverty, in wars, being  refugees, being victims of unfair life…just like Madison character said in one of the scenes in Blood Diamond “it’s a shit shit world.” Maybe it is, or IT IS.

I watched a video about women’s life in Afghanistan. How they have been suffered and treated unfair and have been struggling until now to have an equal rights as men. That moment when i watched the video, i realized how fortunate i have been to be born and raised in Indonesia.

Well my country also have lots of issues and is as terrifying as conflict countries in Africa for some people in western world. But no, i can say Indonesia is quite pleasant And NOT AS TERRIFYING AS whatever YOU MAY THINK. Though yes, we are still struggling with poverty, eduaction and health quality, terrorism issue (ironically the terrorists leaders are actually Malaysian), and any other issues. But every country has its own issue right? Even for a country as small as Singapore. They’ve been working out how to balance the raise of its population growth with the very limited land, so they have been trying to expand the land and do some land reclamation and unfortunately it’s getting ugly with the fact that they have to steal sands from their neighbor, Indonesia for the sake of that project. Well some Singaporean reading this now might be yelling at me, but that’s the damn fact, bro. Just Googling and you’ll find everything that journalists have written about it.

Yes, i can say living in Indonesia is not easy. Hell no. But that doesn’t mean that Indonesian people cannot get a good quality of life. Some people can be very crazily rich, either by making money from clean business or dirty business, like illegal logging or corruption. Some people can be very poor that they have no home and can only eat a small amount of rice and salt twice a day. And some others are not very rich neither poor, but can make good enough living for the whole family: have a house, eat good food three times a day, wear enough clothes, and send the children to school.

I hate it when foreign people underestimate Indonesian people. No one does like being underestimated right? Some people think being an Indonesian means hungry (poor) so other countries can supply bad quality of food, unintelligent so we can be fooled by other country, or even slave that can be abused by those-who-thik-they-are-the-masters. NO WAY!!  Even personally, i really hate it when people underestimate me just because my parents are not rich. I mean, SO WHAT?? What the problem with coming from a family that is not rich? Do you think that because of not rich so we’re stupid and unintelligent and cannot have as good future as a millionair’s children? NO WAY!  We are all the same, human. Everyone has the same rights, no one is better than anyone.

This world is not friendly, that’s for sure.

I haven’t even talked about religion issue. I know there are billions of people out there  who hate Moslems for no reason and haven’t even seen or met any Moslem in their lives but just REALLY HATE Moslem. Isn’t that crazy? Oh yeah, they HEARD that some millitant Moslem people did the September 11th 2001 attack in US and killed thousands of people, so they hate every Moslem on earth. But they HEARD that Jew people has been killing thousands of people in Palestine and stealing the Palestinian lands BUT they still love Jew people everywhere and even support the Israel invasion in Palestine. Isn’t it confusing that some people put some other people in the same shoe for some particular religion only???

And just yesterday i watched TV and saw this interview of a black journalist to a white people in one area in US about the Presidential election. This one man said his opinion about why he thinks that Obama shouldn’t be the next president of USA. He said more less like this, “His name even Barrack Hussein Obama. That’s a Moslem name, that’s not American name. That is just not American.” Then the journalist more or less said, “but he is the senator now. He is a good American. And he is a Christian.” And the white man just spoke no more.  

So,,,,what should we do to create a better world? Or is there even such a better world? Or is it just a utopia?

Then i remember some words from John Lennon’s song Imagine. “You may say i’m a dreamer. But i’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one.”

I believe that nothing is impossible in this world. Even for something as impossible as PEACE.

I am no saint, nor hero. And not trying to be neither of those. I’m just like any other people who is hoping that world will be a better place for everyone. But all i have is just me with my small brain and two little hands. So all i can do is just some small and simple little things that my hands can bear for myself, my family, my friends, and my surroundings. I heard that if you want to change the world, you’ve got to start from yourself. Because you are the world.  If you remember the movie Pay It Forward, so it’s actually as simple as that. If you still think that i’m talking a crap, that’s your business, that’s your choice.


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