my farewell ceremony and obama elected as the 44th president of USA

the international students farewell ceremony was pretty much like graduation ceremony where all the university chancellors and professors were there, and the head  of chancellor presented certificates to all graduates (including me!),,,all the graduates wearing black gown and hat….for me it was so exciting! first, wearing that black gown and hat (and accidently, fortunately got the maroon hood for free) made me feel like i was graduating for real…and then finding my name printed on the booklet among the other graduates was so cool,,,having my name called to go to the podium to receive the certificate from the head chancellor was the most exciting part! awesome!!….i really wished my parents had been there, but fortunately i had elizabeth and socheata there for me, they looked very beautiful, and they helped me with the make up thing which is the one thing i’m no expert in…and meeting other indonesian fellows were so much fun, with mbak defri who were also graduating and her Ourimbah’s team coming along plus pascale, the president of uni.of newcastle indonesian student association…it was so fun!….and i won’t miss the small party after that, the spring roll was soooo damn good!……..there was an australian girl suddenly approached me before the ceremony who seemed to know me, which was so surprising and it was more surprising when she asked, “kapan pulang?”,,,wow! i mean like, who is this girl that i had no idea about but she seemed to know me?,,,i figured out from what she said, i guess she worked or had done something to do with the uni international office because on the party she introduced me to the international office director as “one of the peace scholarship recipients, she’s from indonesia, university of indonesia.”….she was also graduating and i found her name in the booklet among Master of Marketing graduates, her name is Kirrilee Hughes…which was a bit weird, because she’s an australian and the farewell was for international students,,however, i like that,,she’s very nice!….and elizabeth,socheata and i found out that we are quite famous! for real! like this morning many people recognised us, mostly saying “were you the girls on the singaporean event? (the hari raya event)”,,,this beautiful Bhutan woman with beautiful traditional dress we met in the toilet in the morning with another Buthan woman who was with her helped me pinned my hood, was the first person who recognised us from that event: “have we met before? i think i’ve seen you guys before. on the singaporean event, wasn’t it? you guys did a presentation.”…you know what, it felt good to know yourself being memorised by other people…ahahaha


didn’t i tell you my name was there? yes, it is there…


the peace scholarship recipients, newcastle fellows


with pascale and Mbak defri


oh yeah, i cannot forget those delicious little spring roll

today’s he world history: Barrack Obama was elected as the first black president of USA after his 43 predecessors in US’s 200 years something history…what a day! when i watched his victory speech in chicago, in front of thousands of people…wow! it was great. the speech was good as almost always…well, in my opinion obama is a very good debater,,,watching so many people had wet eyes, even oprah winfrey was there with wet eyes…it’s very phenomenal, for a country with a history of racial issue…after south africa’s nelson mandella, i think this 49 year old guy has made one of the world great histories. a black president in a white house…yeah, i think i can imagine how african-american, especially those who had been through those tough days even before Martin Luther King’s “i have a dream” speech feel today, having an african-american president. one very big thing that maybe untill a year ago still sounded impossible. so yeahh, i think tears are the only thing that could express it. like i said about what i’ve always believed in: nothing is impossible in this world. no such a thing as impossibility. because sometimes, ” i can’t” actually means “i just don’t want to try harder”…….so, i guess Martin Luther King is having a big smile now from wherever he is, that “his dream” is really do coming true…..and i agree with people who said this will also give a new image of america to the world, a better image after it has been torn by a living devil named G.W.Bush for 8 years…well, hopefully the new president can do a very good job that he will lead america into a better nation and bring better air of peace and prosperity to the world, because being a president of USA closely means a president of the world……and hopefully also will bring a very good impact for indonesia


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