having so many things to think about

last monday, the day after the 3 bali bombers were executed, one of my malaysian friends asked me, “how do you feel about it?”…my answer were, “firstly, may they rest in peace. but actually i don’t know should i feel relief or sad.”

well…actually i have more opinions about this issue.

Based on my belief, i think those 3 men will be judged for what they’ve done on the Final Judgement Day,,,i don’t think they died as martyrs and will go straight to heaven…God is the Supreme Judge and God is the fairest judge,,,but i’m gonna leave this thing to the Almighty Himself,,,i have not a single right to judge them.

however, yes you can find in the Holy Koran about the encouragement to fight those who are againts the God, and yes the Holy Koran is and will still be valid until the end of the world…BUT, i think in understanding the real message on those phrases, we must see the context, refer to relevant Hadists and consider the real condition in our life time and there are sooo many other reference and things to be considered…if what they have done (and actually still have been doing) is as the respons of what have been happening in Palestine, my questions for them are…”why don’t you just go there to the battle field and fight face to face with the living devils?? why should you ruined your own country? why should you give your  own country such a bad image to the world which caused a bad impact to tourism and bad financial problem that makes indonesia getting harder and harder to get out of the crisis…??!??”

and anyway, there’re sooooooooooo many other ways to fight in God’s way: study well, do your job well, love and be responsible to your family, do charities…do i really have to mention all the good stuffs here??

fighting in God’s way is not always about being armed with swords, guns, bombs or those sort of things…bringing PEACE to the world is also the way…because, maybe they’ve forgotten that, ISLAM means PEACE and being a MOSLEM means being A PERSON WHO BRINGS PEACE…yet,  yes…when other attack us and we have no other way to survive but to get up and fight back THEN we fight, but even there are rules in fighting back that the Prophet Muhammad SAW had taught us

and i wonder, have they lived among very-narrow-minded western people before? have they got any idea how it feels to be mocked and discriminate because of being a moslem? have they got any idea how it feels to live always in insecurity among western people that even walking less than a kilometer become so freaking frightening even in a bright nice sunday??

there are millions of moslems today live in western world,among western people which some of them are narrow minded,,,some of us are suffered from being scolded on the street, being mocked, being misjudged, being abused,,,,,,being discriminated just because those lame people think that ALL moslem people have guns or time bomb in their bodies

i have to say it’s pretty sad…all these


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