farewell with malaysian girls


i never thought that we’d be a very good friends,,yana and marni were my first malaysian friends. we first met in uni’s islamic prayer center in my first week as a student here,,i remembered when i told them i had to walk all around the uni to reach the prayer center from the great hall, then on the way back, they showed me the short cut from prayer center to engineering faculty>auchmuty library>and the great hall…i really like them, and quite sad that marni and friends should go back tomorrow to malaysia for holiday while yana is going for work in melbourne…they invited me to their house, i just made simple bakwan for them, while they cooked nasi lemak aka nasi uduk in indonesia, with sambal goreng, ikan bilis (ikan teri), cucumber, and boiled eggs…mmmm yummm, and the best thing was, we ate a la malay people: bare hand!!…it was so much fun!….and most of our conversation was about excahnging language knowledge, which was hilarious, these are some differences between indonesian and malaysian words:

“gampang” in indo means “easy” in malay means “son of a bitch!”

“ibu negara” in indo means “first lady” in malay means “the capital city”

the word “no” in indonesian and malaysian language is actually “tidak”, but for everyday langauge, indo people mostly say it “nggak” while malay say “ta[k]”,,,yana once said “nggak” and then asked “ada bunyi seperti orang indo?” i was just quite. i thought “huh? ada bunyi? (is there a sound?) of course there is” then i said “maksudnya?” and they all laughed, yana then asked again in english “does it sound like indo, when i said ‘nggak’?”

oohhhh i’m gonna miss them so much!! hope we can meet again someday…


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