visited the anastasi house…

i went to darby street again, this time with socheata,,we were so hungry and decided to have pizza hut for lunch, but in the pizza hut, they didn’t provide seat, only a couple of benches which were not comfy for eating,,then we decided to have cold drinks in goldbergs, a coffee place, we both ordered milkshakes, chocolate for me and strawberry for socheata, and innocently ate the pizza there…then one of the guys from goldbergs came and told us not to have other foods in there,,,ahahahha, we actually knew it, but with big smiling innocent-look-face we just said “oh, we don’t know..sorry”…thankfully we already finished one slice…ihihihiih,,,the milkshake was quite good but it’s too much,none of us could finish it…see the size of the cup, and the man’s body with black shirt, it was the man who came to us, socheata was on her way to finish the 2nd slice of her pizza



then we went to hunter street mall to have a look again,,,after that i took her to my favourite 2ndhand bookshop, indigo, on hunter street,just across the uni international service office to buy these books in cheap prices:


then i visited my homestay parents, the anastasi couple…ohh it’s been a long time and they’re still very nice to me,,,mom maria even made me very nice salad for my lunch and gave sooo many nice breads for me to take home,,i spent the whole afternoon there, talking to mom maria and abdul in the front verandah then moved to the dining table inside…



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