milena’s friend gave me Holy Koran


i was already locking my room, ready to jump up on to my bed after praying, not for sleeping yet,but for night activity with my laptop,,,when milena suddenly knocked my door said, “would you go out? and you need to cover your hair. someone wants to see you. a boy.” ….huhh??…..then i went out and found out that arab boy,,milena’s friend that talked to me the other day…he then gave me a big Holy Koran! i was surprised — he said it’s from his sister (you know what, i don’t even know her),,,so i received it gladly (duhh, someone’s giving me AlQuran,,of course i’d be glad!)……..he said in saudi it’s for free…then milena asked, “what is it?” “how could you understand it? (it’s written in arabic)” well Holy Koran is the holy book for moslem people…what’s inside? of course all of the holy things: teachings of life; warning about after life; islamic foundations, rules, even the definition of this religion; histories of phropets, wise people, ancient kings, even genesis,,,,all Holy Koran is written in Arabic and read in Arabic, but to understand the meaning, we can always check on the description written in our own language, i’m not saying translation because Holy Koran cannot be directly translated into other languages without other linguistic and historic aspect……………..well anyway, hopefully this is the sign for me to improve my islamic faith ^^”

thanks to ibrahim and especially his sister, nisrrin



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