oooh…it’s friday already?

after morning prayer, about 5am, i wasn’t back to sleep, instead i watched a movie: Gray Matters. it’s a kind of cute movie, with the bottom line is “to be ourselves, whatever the heck people say about us”…well actually it’s so so but still entertaining and yet still worth watching

gray_matters-dvd_poster (image source: here)

then i came out of my room to watch Channel Nine Morning News from my favourite sofa (i’m feeling like it’s MY Sofa!),,,to watch Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanofic

0553426600 (image source: here)

feeling hungry, i made my home-style breakfast: nasi goreng!! plus a cup of hot chocolate…what a beautiful morning (although outside the sky was cloudy)…….then i fell sleepy so i went back to sleep, ehehehe, only 1 hour…after that i went out for shopping! to Westfield Kotara, to “try” whether my gift card was working or not (ehehehhe)….oh yeah, i was shopping for real! but i was wise in spending the gift card credit,,bought cheap but nice things,,,what a nice day! (although it’s raining almost all day)….the best thing of all my shopping was: i got the novel book Twilight for only $12.50 in Borders….the real price suppose to be $27,,socheata bought it for $24 something….oh yeah, in the bus on the way to kotara, i met elizabeth, violeta, and the other 2 mexican girls but we splitted



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