good byes

good bye

The whole day was raining, but it didn’t stop me from visiting the Anastasi home for the last time. I got there around 7pm, but it wasn’t dark yet and people were just ready to have dinner. There were two other homestay tennants, a Saudi guy and a Hong Kong girl.

The menu was like it has (almost) always been: juicy. We had rice, spaghetti, juicy egg plant, juicy veggy + potato, fried fish, kimchi (ohhh i really miss this one), and cracker (kerupuk). We all ate together, except Papa Dimitri (he was busy in the garage and said wasn’t hungry). It reminded me of the old time when there were still me, danbi, and lin in that house. We got along with each other very well. Yuka still sits next to Tina, while Lin’s chair now is accupied by the new arab guy. I sat on Danbi’s chair, while my chair is now occupied by Brian (the korean boy) and Abdul still sat on his chair. Mom and Papa’s chair were still theirs. Mom Maria told the-good-old-days story as she always has been. It usually takes around 30minutes before we raised on our feet to start cleaning up. Oh dear, i’m gonna miss them all. I met Lin the other day, but still can’t reach Danbi yet.

It was quite emotional when i said good bye to Anastasi couple, my homestay parents. Don’t know when i’m gonna see them again. And surprisingly, they gave present!

Tina and Yuka accompanied me to the bus stop and didn’t leave until i sat on the bus next to the bus driver (for safety, it was 9.47pm)

Arrived home safely i rang the parents to let them know i’m okay and they could stop worrying. I opened the present at it was a box of chocolate! The “good bye and good luck” card was so nice.

I will always remember them, for all their kindness and good memories we have  shared together.





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