oz coast to coast_day6

I had to get used to the way people stare at me in the hostel. I acted as if everything was normal, i held my head up, but never looked anybody on the eyes. One of my roomates, Rebecca, she’s very nice. She’s from Germany. Another girl’s Japanese. I haven’t really met her yet.

Melissa and Anabel took me to Cottesloe beach on our way to Fremantle. The beach was beautiful. The sand was so clean,,,almost white. The water was so blue, so clean….and cold! Though the heat of the sun was quite strong. Very worth visiting. And i thought swimming would be very lovely, but unfortunately i had to give it up.

Fremantle has been a very famous town, a must visit place when you are in Perth. It’s a small historic town, very famous for it’s market. You can find fruits, veggies, clothes and many other things there in cheap prices. This small town was so crowded with tourists from allover the world.

You can get a train from the city to Fremantle. Just buy 1 zone, single, which valid for 3 hours. $2.30. Cottesloe was on the same zone as Fremantle so no need to buy another train ticket unless you stay on the beach more than 2 hours.

There was a very interesting building in the city: the Bell Tower. Worth visiting, nice architecture.


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