oz coast to coast_day 8

“So you’re from Malaysia?” asked the YHA Hostel’s driver while he was driving us to Surfer Paradise center. “No, Indonesia,” i said. “Oh, cool. We never had any Indonesian guest before.” Yeah, i bet you naver did. I just linger in the center for only about an hour, because it was about 5 when i got there and the sun set at round 6.30, and night time has always been frightened me here in Australia, to be outside. I just bought my 3 days’ suply in Woolworths then catch a bus back to hostel in Mariners Cove, Main Beach.

The room is a girls only room, 6 bed dorm with kitchen, bathroom, and lounge to share. $28/night. My roomates were 3 girl from –i guessed—German, they are nice, and a couple of not-very-friendly Japanese girls.

For me Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast was pretty much like Bali.

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