oz coast to coast_day 10

I took the bus 715 to Helensvale station, about $3 something and then took atrain to Brisbane central, $8.80. I met Cuong there and we went straight to Noosa! A ticket to Nambour station was $12. It was a 2 hour journey, with an awesome view for the last half an hour (the 1st an hour and half was boring) and then another 1,5 hour drive to Noosa Heads.

I think i will always remeber the way all people turned their heads and stared at me when Cuong and I appeared on the outdoor communal area in Koala hostel. Seemed like my head was so-unproportionally-big! Well, the driver was very friendly, he’s Irish, and the receptionist girls were also friendly. And our English roomate, Lisa, was friendly. She loves to talk very much.

It’s a 6 bed room dorm with a bathroom ensuited inside. A fan on the ceiling helped so much to cope up with the heat. $28/night.

it was the first time i dealt with drunk people face to face. one of my roomates banging the door at around 1 in the morning. after unlocking the door for her, she stared at me with a very terrible-nightmare look and blamed me for locking the door. i told her i didn’t (and if i had done, so what??? she had her own key!) but she didn’t believe me…well, DRUNK…so i “understood”. i didn’t play in her game,so i just went back to bed. what the h*** with her! i was so badly tired…


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