x’mas in australia


It’s the first time for me attending a christmast party. Well, there’s nothing religious. It’s all about the whole family get together…and exchange presents. Though yes, some family celebrate it more religiously, but for some others it’s just about a tradition. I think it’s pretty much like Idul Fitri. A day when the whole family get together: parents, siblings, children, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunties. A house will be merry, full of joy, laughter, warmth…and nice foods and cakes. The difference is only on the presents. Moslem people do not exchange presents in Idul Fitri, but we have this tradition of giving the children money put in the envelope. So generally it’s just the same. It’s a family day where everybody shares all the joy and happiness.

Chrismast presents i’ve got:

Jessica Mauboy CD and fardoulis chocolate from Robyn and Graham.

A bath gift set from Leony and David, a jar of Nutella from Jarred, and Tim Tam from little Emma.

A box of chilli, 5 cadbury chocolate bars, a WISH gift card from Leonie, Gary, Kristy and Matthew.

A photo album from Chriss.

It’s a big surprise for me. I never thought i was gonna get any of them. Thank you very much for everyone.

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