canberra-blue mountain 2 days trip_day 2

So we went out of the vietnamese girls’ place at 3.30 am, walking to the tourist center canberra…ass we got ther werealized that we had been very lucky that we had a place to stay overnight because the bus terminal was closed and we could’ve ended up sleeping on the street. Anyway, the bus left canberra at 4.15 am and arrived at sydney central at around 7.30 am. I slept several times on the coach and also woke up several times and was able to watch the beautiful sky of the dawn along the way. Our next coach (there’s a track work) to blue mountain was 8.15 am. So we had a quick breakfast at central and rushed down to cityrail coach terminal. The coach only took us to blacktown train station, about 30minutes drive, before continuing by train to katoomba train station. We arrived at katoomba around 10.50 am. There were so many people!

The blue mountain was awesome!! We did a bush walking from the cascade to the 3 sisters cliffs. We had to pay $25 more for the bus pass. There were 29 points we could stopat but we stopped at point 9 that led us to cascade (a waterfall) to stop 14, the echo point, where was the main look out area to the 3 sisters. And from that point, we could also go down to reach one of the sisters! The giant stairs was a bit scary because it’s steep and many stairs and the fact that it was hundreds of meter above the ground. But it was awesome! The view (blue mountains), the cliffs, the forest….but the heat of the sun was HOT.

We took the train at 3.25pm to go back to sydney central and arrived there at 5.30pm.

Tiring, but lots of fun!


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