night out with aweful stomach

I sent all of my books today, pretty sad to be apart with them for at least 2 weeks. I paid around $165 for 14kg parcel through australia post. It was pretty expensive but it’s gonna be alot cheaper in comparison with the amount of money i have to pay if i get fined in the airport. I also closed my bank account today. So no more debit card from now on. Robyn and i baked a banana cake today for me to bring to cuong’s place.

I went to cuong’s place to have Bhang Xeo in the afternoon, it’s a vietnamese food. It’s like a pancake but it has prawn, bean shoot, onion, carrots, and originally pork but they changed it into chicken for me. We take a little piece of the pancake, put it into a lettuce along with sliced cucumber and mint leaves. We wrapped them all and dipped it into a fish sauce that has chilli, garlic, and carrots in it. The aunty made us have alot of bhang xeo plus my banana cake and another dessert, black bean (pretty much like bubur kacang ijo). So we ended up with so full stomach had to run to catch the train to the city because we planned to watch The Dark Knight at IMAX at 8pm. It was awesome! Not the movie, of course-since i’ve watched it before-though it was still cool and aweseome as well the movie,but the screen was so crazily HUGE!!!

My stomach felt aweful the whole night.


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