happy new year 2009!

I had to send another parcel home today, they were my winter clothes. Another $122 for around 9kg. Then i rushed to the city to find a great spot to watch the fireworks. We got to the sydney opera house at around 4pm and it was so DAMN HOT!!! It was burning!! And we had to stayed there defending our space under the burning sun for 4 hours before the sunset. We were around differents of people. 3 korean guys playing cards. A group of Indian wearing WorldGameMaster competition cap. And a group of white people who already drank much victoria bitter. We stayed there until the sunset and the 9pm fireworks show.

Bang and cuong thought that it would be better for us to move to the edge point on the back of the opera house, and it was better. We got a space surrounded by a chinese family (with a white probably-son-in-law), an indian family, a couple of guys (one with camera standing on tripod—and i was curious that they might be gay), and a group of girls with a couple of lesbian. It was on the back of the performance stage. Once there was a medley dance, showing small groups of dancers dancing different danc e from several parts of the world. And it got to indian dance, everybody rose on their feet and started dancing along. Then we were so sleepy and tired waiting for 12 o’clock. Gurrumul, an aboriginal blind man with a wondeful voice, sang a beautiful harmony of a song.

The fireworks was AMAZING! It was the most spectacular fireworks show i’ve ever seen live! Wonderful. They made the harbour bridge into a beatiful attraction of fireworks.

On our way to the train station there were a couple giving small fireworks for free. Everybody saying happy new year to anyone. There was a huge queue to get into circular quay train station. There was a little drama in front of the ticket machine. 3 girls and an indonesian boy seemed barely knew how to buy ticket from the machine. So it took them about 15 minutes or so. It made Bang (the only of 3 of us who didnt have a return ticket) and the other queuer got impatient. It took lots of people to help those people buying ticket from the machine.

We arrived at riverwood at around 2.30 in the morning.

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