the benjamin button case

i went out to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Greater Union Liverpool with Robyn, Chriss, and Alison. the movie was nice, very unique idea for a movie, actually worth watching (even for $12) though for a drama movie it was a bit too long and slow (2 and a half hour)… alison even fell asleep (i found out when we were out), chriss’s eyes were wet, while robyn seemed to enjoy the movie very much,,,unfortunately i got a break in the middle of the movies bcos i needed to pee (why should the toilet be that far from the studio??) and i entered the wrong studio once when i came back (the studio that was playing Madagascar 2).

my big question for “the case” in that movie was: “could it be real?”

anyhow my logic told me that “the case of benjamin button” was almost impossible to happen in the real life, not exactly like the way benjamin’s life had been in that movie because his body grew up, getting bigger, so how could it possible for his body to be back into the body of a baby??? (ups, sorry…spoiler for those who haven’t watched it)

however at least we know how brad pitt and kate blanchet will look like when they are old….


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