twilight saga

after j.k rowling’s 7 books of harry potter, now there’s stephanie meyer’s twilight saga

generally about the four books:

in my opinion, the story itself was interesting because it’s full of superstition, beyond real life, mystery, and of course great romance…the “bizzare-love-triangle” among bella swan (the human) with edward cullen (the ‘vegetarian’ vampire) and jacob black (the werewolf) could play the emotion of the reader through the whole 4 books. readers changing sides, sometimes for bella, sometimes for edward and some other times for jacob….so basically the books are about great romance…it told the readers what true love means and how love can change everything in our whole life, everything!!….and readers seemed to know that meyer’s got big influence from shakespeare’s works.

the book, despite the fact that the english version were generally as thick as 700s pages, were actually a very easy reading…VERY EASY…easy content, easy english, easy perspective (bella’s–and in the last 2 there were jacob’s), and easy to guess where the story would lead (believe me, you can finish eclipse within only 2 days!)…and if i have to compare meyer and rowling, for me rowling’s way of writing had more literature quality: the language used, the lines, the emotions, the descriptions, story flows, the tricks, and the puzzles laid within the whole 7 books……………while meyer, one thing i think i should really appriciate was her great patience to write in a very descriptive way,,the emotions were good, but the lines and the story flows were easy, and i don’t think there’s even a trick nor puzzle, at all…so less challenge in general.

anyhow, for me it’s almost dissapointing the way Meyer ended Breaking Dawn (the 4th book)….i think she was playing safe, i don’t know why she didn’t dare to take a challenge….because when i was about to reach the climax, i was expecting a great climax, suddenly it turned down to be anti-climax already! for me it’s like i was about to sneeze,i’ve prepared my self so well to sneeze, but it didn’t happen…ugghhhhh!….and not that i was happy it was an obvious-like-expected happy ending (spoiler) but i think it would’ve been spectacular IF it had been ended in a different way

however, i love those 4 books very much!

UNFORTUNATELY, the movie was sooooooooooooooo LAME! what the heck was the director did in intrepreting Meyer’s twilight????! there were too many missing informations, changes for settings and lines which didn’t make them better than the book……the premises were so weak. so many WHYs and HOW COULDs for those who never read the book….really hope they make a much better movie for new moon.


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