duck, friends and professor

it was definitely not my 1st time eating in a chinese restaurant, but it was the 1st eating in a lux chinese restaurant…mmm some foods were not familiar,,and my friends and i were a bit confuse about the table manner there: many small bowls, a plate, soup spoon, chopstick, and tea cup,,,so the dinner was actually a promise of our professor from last semester to take us (the teaching assistants) out one night for dinner,,,he couldn’t manage it last semester and was able to finally made it tonight….the foods were nice, taste familiar: the roasted duck, crispy prawn, tofu, fish soup, and some dimsums…it was a restaurant with the roasted duck as the main menu,,it was in grand indonesia…….so it was fun, especially because my classmates were also there, some of them i haven’t met for 6 months since i left,,,,there was mayang, daija, terry,anggie (they were all my classmates and good friends), nana class year 2003 and shinta from class year 2001,,,professor gun and mr.emir and their wives


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