ujung kulon short adventure

Ujung Kulon literary means The West End  (ujung=end, kulon=west)….so, like it’s name, it’s an area which is located on the very end of west part of java island

as Urang Kulon (Western), i had never been there before this trip, nor even my parents,,,so when my friend fanny asked me to join this trip, i accept it right away

ujung kulon is famous for it’s Rain Forrest and it’s Single Horn Rhino, but we’re not going that far…our target was Peucang Island, which was a must visit place in Ujung Kulon the road trip to reach that area was quite interesting:  freeway Jakarta-Serang Timur, Serang>Pandeglang>Labuan>Sumur…full of thrills, exciting trip with beautiful sceneries,,Sumur>Taman Jaya was the best, excellent…not excellent enough for offroaders but VERY EXCELLENT to SHAKE our body…very bad bad bad road, no asphalt, lots of holes…what a full thrills of 18 km of road: 1st 10km bad asphalt and last 8km no asphalt…1,5 hours like forever

my friends and i spent the night at my grandma’s house in Cipeucang, because it was already dark when we reach Banten Province and we need to meet The Ujung Kulon Forest Ranger, he’s my grandma’s neighbour

we went out the next morning, straight to Sumur, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any boat to go to Peucang Isle, and not enough money was our biggest issue…so we moved on to Taman Jaya. we arrived there at 3.30 pm,no boat either…so we decided to checked in the only inn at taman Jaya: The Sundajaya Homestay…the owner name was Komar, he’s a very kind man

that afternoon we did tracking to the hotspring…very interesting trip: we passed through village, paddy field, and the muddy rain forrest………at night we went to a small port in front of Rangers Basecamp,it was so peacefull there…soft breeze and the sound of the peaceful waves…

the next morning we went tracking again, this time we walked through the seashore,,,the most exciting part was when we had to cross the meeting point of river and sea water,,,we had to walked on half a circle route which meant we took the farthest radius from the land to pass the river to the next beach…we went back to the inn following the village road, which was farther than the seashore route, but it was generally exciting


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