sorry, i thought you were my wife

i was almost tired of reading after reading, getting bored waiting for my friends in Gramed bookstore at PIM,,it was about an hour or so and none of them showed up yet
i was reading an architecture book, a book that contained recent architecture works across the globe including indonesia, when suddenly i felt a touch on my back, for a glimpse, i thought it was my friend finally came,,,,but it was so quick that the touch turned into a soft rubbing and a male voice from behind me saying “honey, i’m going to…….”
i turned my head and found a stranger face, a man who looked terribly shock [i had no idea whose face’s expression that worse, mine or his]…for some tics of seconds we were both paused…then i felt my lower jaw fell, and that man quickly said, “oh i’m so sorry. so sorry…i thought you were my wife.”
my jaw still opened and i didn’t know what to say at all.
by the time he left, i realized that he was holding 2 kids on both of his arms…my God, did those kids saw what had happened?
i felt very uncomfortable about my back for all the rest the day…

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