for my sanity sake

within seconds

let me tell you about a story
it’s a story of everyday life
it could happen to you, to me, to everyone

it was a sunny thursday afternoon
just around 4 and the traffic wasn’t heavy as usual
there was a couple on motorbike
let say that theye’re siblings or husband and wife or lovers or just friends
say whatever you like,,,it didn’t matter

they’re on their way to somewhere
they could probably just on their way home,
or visiting their parents, visiting friends,
or they could just on their way to go for a recreation
since it was a holiday

on the way,
the man could probably thought about who’s winning the election at his neighborhood
or maybe about the parents or friends they’re visiting
or maybe about nice foods that he’s gonna have soon on his destination
the woman could probably thought about her kids or parents
or maybe about nice foods she’s going to cook for dinner
or maybe about nice dress she’s going to wear that night to an occasion

on the way,
the couple probably shared a conversation sometimes
the man probably kept saying that the woman should’ve worn a helmet
while the woman kept saying she’s okay
or they probably didn’t share any word at all since they’re having a fight
since the morning

on the way,
the woman had just saw her watch: a quarter to 4
the man was focus on the truck in front of them
and thinking the way to go pass through it
but there’s a sudden stop
and within seconds the man realized that he had made a terrible mistake
no one was ready for that

so the world stopped on that very second for them

the woman woke up
she felt her body was so light that she thought she was flying
then she looked down
she saw her body lying on the street
blood ran out of it like flood
she saw something wrong with her skull
it was torn..messy…
she saw some of her skulls and brains few feet away from her messy head
amazingly, she didn’t feel sick at all seeing that horrible scene
then she saw the man
his body was some feet away from hers
he didn’t move at all, but at least he wasn’t messy
though his helmet feet away from his body
the motorbike was so much a mess
it landed out of the street
then she heard a scream from a girl on the other side of the street
“Stop that truck!!!!”
there were 3 girls there, she didn’t know whether they knew each other or not
but one thing she was sure about: they saw everything that just happened
the long haired girl in the middle was the one who was screaming
the other two looked freeze and just looked at her dead body lifelessly
then one by one people were coming…
and she saw some bright light aproaching toward her
she knew it’s time to go

within seconds the accident happened
it has been changed the life of some people involved in the first hand
and one of the 3 girls is still struggling until today
struggling to get rid of those horrible scenes from her head
struggling to be able to lay her eyes on the street again
tell her she’s overreacted, tell her that she’s a coward
tell her whatever you want…
her life will never be the same again no matter what people say

there i’ve told you an everyday life story

but for me, that day was not the same as the other days
within seconds on that sunny thursday afternoon…my life has changed

may God let them rest in peace
may God let my mind and my heart back in peace


One thought on “for my sanity sake

  1. and the accident was 10 or 15 minutes after me passing the street. and i just couldn’t imagine -i don’t want to imagine- what people said about the woman.

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