a letter for a friend

dear friend,
i’m writing this to you because nowadays
i don’t know how to make you listen and understand,
not that i want you to understand me
but it’s for you to understand what’s really wrong
with YOU

i just wanna help you, my friend

so before i go any further,
i need you to sit still,
do not interrupt my words,
and read them in a full soberness and
open mind

has anyone ever told you what’s your real problem?
let me tell you now,
you’ve been living in the past, in certain time line which
have happened
you keep looking back, and stay there
and that’s why you cannot move on in this reality
you keep being outrun by anyone

everybody has his past, including you and i
past is part of everyone’s life
BUT do not forget where you are now
the reality you are facing NOW
the tic in the clock keep moving forward
and our lives as well

no matter how wonderful your live was,
it just has passed. done! you cannot bring those times
to this present time, because IT IS LIFE!
and no matter miserable your life now,
it is your REALITY, that like it or not,
you have to FACE IT.
because IT IS LIFE!

a song said “LIFE’S A BITCH!”
no one has ever said life is easy
but to make it sucks or wonderful,it’s always your choice.
in your very hands

and one more thing:
STOP asking the world to be as you wish, to understand you
you know what, that’s a big BULLSH**T!
that could happend within your own haven, your home
but the world out there is full bitches!!
stop being naive

no, STOP BEING CHILDISH. wake up!!

like it or not you have to grow up
peterpan cannot exist in this real world
and yes, growing up is suck!
but the option is only suck it or leave it…
and leaving it means you have no gratitude
for God has given you each second as a chance
to create a very wonderful life for you, your family
and the world
so the option left now is to SUCK IT
we, human, have to live ourlives no matter what,
until our time on this planet has stopped,
that’s our only option
that’s life

NO, stop arguing me!
because you know that’s useless

shut your mouth
open your eyes, heart, and mind

you know i care for you
and i really want to help you
but i’m so desperate because you don’t want to help yourself

so friend,
hope my letter will help you


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