reviewer ohh reviewer


it’s a very common word for all architecture student. progress review, internal review… days before the review day, are crazily hectic…nights before the review day are sleepless nights… the review day: hope, pray, and present what needs to be presented…..exhausted, hufff T_T

to be reviewed

it’s not about the judgment of right or wrong….it’s about presenting ideas through sketches, architectural drawings, scorings, models, text, oral explanation, and so on


i never thought i’d be a reviewer for any studio this soon, it’s overwhelming and amazing in the same time…but i tried to do my best as a reviewer. to review what ever need to be reviewed. and to help those who are reviewed to have an excelent final presentation to whomever clients they’re gonna have next week


2 thoughts on “reviewer ohh reviewer

  1. Hmmm…my brain is not used for the written knowledge, but it is used to find something new. Review is just something like a game. It’s really fun, Sis……..

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