so sick of of the words “arsitektur modern minimalis”

i don’t know who the heck first started that “fake minimalism” spreading in indonesia

i call it fake minimalism because actually in my opinion, they’re not minimalism

which architecture i call fake minimalism? those architecture<s> that you see in many “ruko”<s>, modern houses,,,,the concrete and colored strips for decoration things…even calling it contemporer architecture doesn’t feel right

it feels barren, soul-less architecture, generic meaningless,,,,but unfortunately, that kind of style is the one in very high demand right now

i hate the reality i’m facing now: to design “in modern minimalism style”

ohh i’m so sick of it, but i can’t do anything about it

doing that is my only source of income


3 thoughts on “so sick of of the words “arsitektur modern minimalis”

  1. terjebak dalam tren ya Ki..
    gw juga penasaran siapa sih, yang inisiate that fake minimalism.. hebat juga dia, hari gini pun, orang2 masih demen sama itu..

  2. mungkin… kepalsuan itulah yang menjadikan kelas/level perencana indonesia, arsitek masih sebatas mimpi’ belum sadar’ atas hakikat ilmu yang mereka miliki… mmmhh ironis juga ya.

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