congrats for the newly wed

dear U,

you are one of my oldest friends. we’ve known each other since we were in kindergarten…(wow, it feels just like yesterday),,i remember how i envied your smell so good lunch. we were not very close yet during that time

in elementary,,,,,,i remember how much i dislike you. how much i was so mean, making you as a public enemy and did nasty things to you…(yeah, i really did. there’re lots of lots nasty things i did to u behind ur back) but i think that was not my fault, you were making yourself dislikeable that time. and i didn’t care at all when u had to be friends with senior because none of our friends wanted to be your friend.

in junior high… i was not the mean girl anymore and you were getting more likeable,,,i could even call you a friend. i forgot what event made us closer. but i think in front of you i always play nice (fake angel, devil within) so you always liked me and maybe thought i wasn’t the one behind those nasty things in elementary

in senior high,,,we went to different school at last. but we kept in touch. we hung out together sometimes with our “group” (wow, we’re in the same group). but you were already a nice person that time. i started to mean it calling you my friend.

in college…with the crash that happened in our group, and N was getting married,,,we rarely hung out together again. but we’re still good friends. and then you started meeting this guy.

and now you guys married, i congrats you from the bottom of my heart

i don’t know why but i felt sad a bit, realizing how time had flown so fast…seemed just yesterday you were such an anoying little girl,,,now you are a wife of someone.

i wish you a long happy married, religious healthy family with nice kids,,not forget the good wealth. amin.

just one thing i ask from you: we’re still friends.


ps: you looked nice with your blue wedding gown. and i’m glad you looked so happy.

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