feeling teribbly guilty to an old friend

dear A,

what an idiot i was today!

you know what, i was so happy that i could meet you again finally. after all these years. you have no idea how eager i had been to meet you today.  i had lots of things i want to talk about, ask about,,,i wanted to take pictures with you to freeze the moment,,,just had many plans in mind what to do when meeting you again

but i screwed it up, just like the last time we spent some times together

what an idiot!

the thing was today, on that occasion, i had lots of people i wanted to greet and had a little chat within such a very limit time…but with you, i was planning to have a very long chat

there’re not many people you knew there, though thankfully I.S was there so he could accompany you, but still i feel so guilty leaving many times. we did have a nice short conversation, which maybe would’ve been the long one if N hadn’t showed up saying she’s gotta go. she’s one of my old best friend, and we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so i had to spent just a little more time before she went home….but things were getting uncontrolable when other friends came joined us, the girls <yeah you know how girls can get very excited when meeting each other>…until, DAAA! you were saying “i’m going home now.”…..and the most stupid thing was, i just said to you “okay” and just let you go like that.

maybe you now think i’m not a good friend anymore

i wasn’t even very friendly to you am i? maybe you think so

but believe me, i am still the friend you’ve always known. i’m so sorry for today. really hope you could forgive me.

also really hope that we can have another event to meet each other again <please God, give us the way>

once again, forgive me.


One thought on “feeling teribbly guilty to an old friend

  1. :]
    gw punya masalah yang mirip2 dikit sama masalah lo itu..yang gw takutkan adalah dia masih marah sama gw, walopun di depan gw dia terlihat sama sekali gak marah sama gw… 😦

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