a day in singapore

wow, it’s been a very long time since my last post…….well, here i am back on track (?)

lots of things happened

i finally graduated from uni with a good grade, thankfully.

have been working as a junior architect….and start writing again

the bombing in kuningan, july 17, was pretty shocking and upsetting in the same time. it caused manchester united fc failed to come here.

that’s on friday. the next day, i went to singapore with my parents. they stayed with my sister for a week. for me it was a very short visit, though it was so much fun since i spent the whole day with my senior from uni who now works there, ofi. only one thing i regreted so much, i didn’t spend enough time with my cute little niece and nephew … the swine flu issue made everybody was so worry, including me. but as soon as i arrived in singapore, everything’s seemed…normal…no people wearing healthy mask

since i’ve got low budget (as always) so i tried to spend as little amoount of money as i could BUT got many things interesting in return

target: architecture in singapore

la salle college of the arts, that’s the name of the building….it was very modern. built of glass and steel. very interesting in shape and form and layout. dynamic and openess, i thought that should be in the concept. in 2008, it got the president’s award and awarded as building of the year from singapore institute of architecture….on the center of the outdoor hall, under a giant tent stucture, was an artificial grass field,was not very large, but quite convinient with chill wind blowing….

la salle institute singapore

la salle institute singapore

artificial grass field

artificial grass field

well, when it’s time to pray then it’s time to pray. my senior brought me to the historical mosque in singapore. when we got there, it’s time for Asar prayer and they’re having an event for Isra’ Mi’raj. so the mosque was so fully crowded by jama’ah. we did the prayer together, jama’ah. but my senior and i skipped the preaching….i didn’t have much time for exploring singapore but had many places to visit,,,,

masjid sultan at arab street

masjid sultan at arab street

the oldies meet the modern

well, actually i didn’t miss bugis street and orchard road. but both area were just for shopping (which i didn’t do) and i didn’t come to singapore for shopping anyway. and nothing really different from any shopping centers in jakarta. i lingered in orchard until the dusk.

after that, continue to explanade…for dinner actually…but the scenery was good. especially the sight to underconstruction area of marina bay project. the 3 towers were amazing. unfortunately it’s dark already and m camera was not sufficient for taking pictures for such a distant.



of course i didn’t miss nice food….one of the foods i tried there was Popiah. it reminded me of lumpia basah.

the wrapping was like kebab but quite soft. the wrapped was veggi, boiled-crushed egg, prawn, nut….the taste was good. not really sweet not really salty. i like this one. it costed about $4-5. i forgot.( i didn’t pay for it anyway, ;p , my senior did.) she’s soo kind.

popiah with prawn

popiah with prawn


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