he’s just not that into you


(picture take from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He%27s_Just_Not_That_into_You_(film))

while the book was -i think- too much of men’s point of view, the movie is more balance. yes women are denial, yes women do not want to hear what their inner heart tells, yes women make things more complicated…but yet, men also do! when you fall into someone, you’ll give signs: by the way you look at him/her, by your body language, by your giving priority, and so on…and that works vice versa. you will also give signs when you are not interested in the person you just went out date with. but as human being, nothing’s going as strict as a mathematic formula. there are always exceptions, anomalies, and magic!

each character represents each love problems: a woman who seeks for a man who is really into her (Goodwin), a man who is in denial for love (Long), a woman who desperatly but never give up (?? yeah, i think that’s the best description) finding her ‘right-one’ through any means of modern communication (Berrymore), a couple who are in search for the meaning of true love (Anniston-Affleck), a man who doesn’t want to hear his inner heart (Connoly), the love triangle that differs between love and lust (Johansson, Connely,Cooper)

finally, i think this movie is entertaining enough to be recommended

and if you like, you can have a look at the book and find what Greg Behrendt tells you about signs when “he’s just not that into you”


(picture taken from http://www.amazon.com)


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