a day in surabaya

what would you do if you only had a day in Surabaya? just go around the city and enjoy it!

getting started:

i was taking mandala airways with a return ticket,,,it was quite expensive actually, since my friend and i had just booked the tickets on the day of our departure…however, since we’re taking that airways, we’re boarding from the new terminal of soekarno-hatta airport: the terminal 3,, exclusive for airasia and mandala airways only, and for domestic flight only….the building is quite nice with modern architecture design and just reminded me of some airports in australia…

soekarno-hatta terminal 3

places you must visit:

the Commodore Cheng Ho mosque….if only there weren’t any Arabic caligraphy and Allah symbol on the peak of the roof, people would think the building is a temple

the front of cheng ho mosque

southern side of the mosque

the bedug

SuraMadu Bridge….located on the north, as it named, the bridge connects Madura island with Surabaya. toll fee IDR 30,000/car, IDR 3000/motorbike. watching it from afar is quite fascinating already, so if you just want to take some pics, just find a perfect spot to shoot some photos (stopping in on the bridge-in the middle of the street- is not allowed)

surabaya-madura bridge

Surabaya is quite well known for krupuk (crackers) and salted fish, and the place you can buy them in good price is Kenjeran.

krupuk industry

one of the stores selling krupuk in kenjeran

gate of kenjeran park

The Suro(shark)-Boyo(croc) statue cannot be missed for sure!

the famous statue...suro(shark) and boyo(croc)

No need to go across the ocean to get to singapore…because there’s an area that’s called “the singapore of surabaya” complete with the replica of Merlion

merlion of surabaya

within citraland area

if you just want to stop wondering how the-biggest-prostitution-area-in-southeastasia looks like, it’s okay to drive around dolly area…just be very careful if you are girls (boys as well, actually!)


in general, surabaya is just as generic as other metropolitant,,,not much different from jakarta. but jakarta has the more high rise buildings…..but there’s one interesting building in Surabaya. it’s still recent, and the architect is ridwan kamil: Gramedia Surabaya

gramedia surabaya


there’re lots of famous foods from surabaya like Rujak Cingur (veggie salad with cow’s inner mouth), Lontong Kupang, Petis and many more…but since i’m a vegetarian, i had Mie Kluntung Jawa as my lunch, which was soooo delicious!! yummy! in Pujasera, there’s a quite nice restaurant with good deal price

my lunch

the restaurant

and if you’re looking for a place to buy some special snack and crackers from surabaya, Genteng is definately the right place. there’s one shop that’s very famous here:

the snack and cracker shop


there’re lots of hotels in surabaya, but since i went there actually for a business purpose, the company booked for us a 4 star hotel: the Plaza Surabaya Hotel

the interior hotel


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