movie of the doomsday

(picture taken from here)


some people believe that the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21 2012 indicate the end of the world

well, since i have a religion, of course i believe in the armageddon. but the knowledge of it is not in the possesion of any human being. only God knows when.

talking about the movie directed by Emmerich, 2012, yeah this movie is very fenomenal just like his previous works: independence day and the day after tomorrow.

i have to admit that it’s a very clever idea to bring up such a big and up to date issue as the end of the world. but i think if only the premise of the story could be much stronger and the story didn’t necessarily need a happy ending, it would’ve been a lot interesting. however, the visualization of the chaotic events are very good and convincing, rise a thrill in the audience.
worth watching? yes.
worth talking? yes.
worth debating? yes.
but doesn’t mean that people should believe that 2012 will be the end of the world. because even the movie itself doesn’t say that.
disasters that the movie shows us are all possible to happen. scientifically: the earth polar will shift to another point, yes. the sun’s tremendous magnetic storm will happen and affect earthen lives, yes. the earth plates are moving, yes. big earthquake and gigantic tsunami, we all know..yes. they are all possible to happen, even some have happened or are happening.

even though some so-called-psychics support the idea of the end of the world at 2012, we cannot just take their sayings for granted, let alone believing them. but yes, i think human beings do need to prepare for unprecedented disasters in the future, either those caused by our own mistakes or purely natural.

the world is gonna end, yes.
our lives are gonna end, sure.
because eternity only belongs to God.


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