snorkeling at tidung island

nice short holiday at Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu (Thousands Islands), North of Jakarta

Sat-Sun, 14-15 november 2009

very early in the morning, 6 am, my office mates and i gathered at Muara Angke Port and was ready for our cruise to Tidung Island. we took a tour group. for a 2days-1night service (boat, homestay, 3 times meal, snorkling instructor), each person was charged IDR 289,000,-. that doesn’t include snorkling gear (rent IDR 35,000,-) and bike (rent IDR 15,000,-).

the boat actually charge people IDR 33,000,- each way. and this cruise, to/from Tidung island, only available once in the morning: 7 am.

and the homestay we stayed at actually charged IDR 200,000,-/house per night. each house could have 6-8 people inside. 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 tv room + additional single bed, 1 pantry, 1 bathroom, 1 fridge with free mineral waters, 1 tv, and 1 fan. so, the price is actually quite good. but if you go by yourself (not joining a tour group) you will need a little effort to browse around the island for a homestay.


the jakarta sea is sooo far away from beautiful. lots of rubbish here and there. it’s so sad actually, witnessing the fact that jakarta sea is very highly polluted. your thought would be a little tickled by the contrast view of the dirty sea and the high rise apartments Regatta.

the wooden boat itself is kind of old, but it’s quite okay. you cannot really expect modern nice boat here. but it works quite well actually. they even try to obey the naval rule about safety requirements (what i wanna say here is they provide life vest ^^). on the boat we will be mixed with the native people (their accent is a little interesting), backpackers, and other tourist.

all along the way, we passed by many islands, many bagangs (big bamboo raft used for catching fishes), and many boats. but the most interesting view was when the water shift color (from dark blue to greenish blue) and it’s cleaner…a dolphin appeared swimming next to our boat. wonderful! that was the 1st time for me watching a wild dolphin and it’s on jakarta sea…how lucky we were, huh? too bad no one was able to take a good picture of that moment.


arriving at Tidung island after 3 hours journey by the sea was very pleasing. we met the rest of the group and together by bike we were moving to the hostel (homestay). we had lunch (don’t expect luxurious menu) first before moving to Little Tidung for snorkling. only the main island has inhabitants. the two tidungs are connected by a very long bridge. the wooden bridge that already exist seemed not to be able to handle the weather so now they’re building a new one (still under construction) concrete-steel bridge. but because it’s not finish yet and it was quite a distance, we all agreed to take a rubber boat to/from the little tidung. it charged us IDR 5,000,- return ticket.

the scenery was very beautiful….white and clean sands, clear water, friendly weather….what a perfect day for snorkling!



arriving at Little Tidung everyone’s so excited to get into the clean water and started snorkling. unfortunately, from 4 of us, only one of my friends is snorkling with me.

huh, too bad it’s only my friend who was taken a pic. the scenery down there was pretty. the corals, colorful fishes, other sea animals that sometimes freaked me out…

there’re two locations of snorkling. i prefered the 1st one, even though 2nd one is more beautiful…because i got so many scratches on my hands from the 2nd place. the corals are so close to the surface, leaving us just small spaces to swim freely,,,and the seaweeds tickled me.


this wooden bridge is actually still function.


Little Tidung in the background…on our way back after snorkling

the sunset from the main island. too bad it was cloudy…

shower is actually not very comfy because the land water tasted funny. but it’s clean, though. just put on lots of soap and shampoo.

after dinner we all got very exhausted, that all of us reluctant to stay out longer. around 9 pm we already ready for bed. because the weather is so hot-moist inside the house and we only got 1 fan, so everybody slept at the tv room together. one got the bed. two on the mat. and i got the mattress…

next morning, very early…we had to be ready for going back to jakarta.

we had a very nice holiday…



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