went rafting with darlas

meet the darlas: dina, dea, eka, amar, niken, any, dinda, me…and usually we have ajo, but on this activity we had icha

it all started with our simple chat on one afternoon at pizza hut, margocity. the magic question was “where are going for our next holiday?”  because it’s been months since our last travelling together to yogyakarta. and one of us shared her thought “what about rafting?”. and we just simply made plans. dina was the one who made everything got real.

we took ArusLiar. it costed us IDR 225,000. and we paid another IDR 100,000 for transport (thanks to dina for finding a good car rental and friendly driver). it was my first time experiencing GranMax, the aquarium-box-car i called.

nov 28 2009

our river journey would start at 9am, so we got to go from jakarta at around 5am. we stayed overnight at icha’s place: nice home, good parents, healthy snacks, comfy room, and the younger sister whom we thought looked like krisdayanti’s daughter, aurel. (heheheh ^^v)

the journey from jakarta to arusliar basecamp took around 4 hours. arriving at around 8.15 am, we’re welcomed very friendly by the staffs. we decided to start the activity right away.

after fitting ourselves with the rafting gears, we were taken to the start point by a pick-up roofless car. haha, it was fun! the road was sloping up and down and extreme turns and rocky. so the girls were full of screams and laughters. oh and we got 2 guides accompanied us from basecamp.

we were split into 2 rafts:

raft 1: niken, any, dea, dinda and i. instructors: uhil and oyen.

raft 2: dina, amar, eka, and icha. instructors: aldi and rudi (who guided us from the 1st place)

well, rafting was not that scary. and thanks to the heavy flow of the river (it’s rainy season), we didn’t need to rowed often. what worried me the most was my not-fixed-yet-after-injury right elbow. that’s why i kept my mind focus all along the journey. while my friends were screaming and did more actions on the raft, i stayed cool and avoid any unnecessary actions that could cause my elbow got worse.

the incident: any was banged out of the raft just about 7metre from the starting point! no one realized when she fell into the water. all i knew was when i turned my back, the instructor was helping any to get back onto the raft. and no one was sure the reason she fell, not even herself.

we ended our river journey before 11. on the finishing point, they entertained us with fresh coconut. but we didn’t want to linger long for many reasons.

dea was rafting in style.she wore a polkadot  black legging  (little white dots) and also the girly brown rubber shoes. while niken kept her ‘trendy’ look in her own urban style.

we took a lot of pics everytime and everywhere possible

the luch menu was a bit confusing: a sundanese menu with javanese taste. the sayur asem was too sweet. the sambel lost its temptation. the chicken, tempe and tahu were fried so so. just the karedok was quite hot.

we headed back to jakarta at around 12.30 pm. but voilla! we arrived at 6.15. the traffic jam was unbelievably tiring…

however, it was so much fun! a very nice one-day adventure with besties.


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